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  1. CNN fail: Don Lemon flunks cognitive test live!
  3. Joe Biden’s Presidency Is One Giant Failure
  4. One of the biggest joys in being a sanctuary city is
  5. Systemic Racism and Sexism needs to be cancelled!
  6. Why are Democrats able to win elections with poor-quality candidates?
  7. Racism, marxism and the left
  8. America’s energy crisis is mostly US democRATs’ fault
  9. Biden, energy, and inflation
  10. The true nature of leftists summed up right here
  11. Reaction to the Hunter laptop story perfectly illustrates how the elite media
  12. Of course an american hating transwhatever is more important than a marine
  13. Will the vermin on the left have consistent views here?
  14. The hypocrisy of the left exposed by a federal judge
  15. Libtards always act this way when presented with hard facts
  16. You mean you guys feel betrayed by a con artist?
  17. People are shitting in the streets of SF but one must have priorities
  18. To admongo's despair it seems cons are not primarly focused on hunters dick
  19. warnock wins Georgia and this will have no impact on admin's cock sucking
  20. Biden’s energy policies are endangering the US
  21. Libs does it burn that after 6 years you're still reduced to grasping at straws?
  22. Biden's not-so-subtle lurch toward dictatorship
  23. World faces worst energy crisis since the 1970s, warns OECD
  24. Donald Trump denies New York Times Story that he paid only $760 in income taxes
  25. Democratic senator dmits that 'Donald Trump was right' about TikTok
  26. "Trump Lose" was litterally on the balance sheet of the world's largest ponzi
  27. Antifa and BLM Arson thread
  28. Immigration
  30. 25 police recruits ran over by car in Wakasha Xmas parade style massacre.
  31. TWO broken cameras outside Epstein's cell being examined by FBI
  32. Doctor: COVID-19 Lockdowns Cause Death
  33. Free Kyle Rittenhouse
  34. Heres some fine democRAT cheating....
  35. Lib hypocrite Gavin Newsom
  36. Who's the 'threat to US Democracy? MSM got away with spreading 'sinister misinfo
  37. 8 Billion
  38. Trump to make a Major announcement Today....
  39. Yet another take on bidens cheating
  40. The thread to document left wing racism.
  41. Is it time for Trump to Go?
  42. Right on time
  43. So American your candidate winning or won already?
  44. Republicans lead latest US Congressional Elections Sienna poll
  45. Political humor: memes, pics, etc.
  46. DeSantis sweeps the streets with Charlie's face
  47. why isn't this guy walking the streets like all the other criminal out there?
  48. When that shitbag Cheney hates you then you know your'e doing it right
  49. LOL how priceless is that?!
  50. The Changing World Order by Ray Dalio
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