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  1. Who says I can’t say or do wtf I want on here ?
  2. Who says I can't post kids on here? Fuck off!
  3. I wonder when Twap is going to join
  5. Oh shit
  6. In the year 2025, which forum(s) will still be alive?
  7. When the cultural zeitgeist surrenders to the political one...
  8. Can someone pass a message to Vitriol ?
  9. POLL: Am I too hard on Oak?
  10. Poor Kooch was put on moderated status at the Twat forum
  11. Hey rancidmilko .. you remember this one?
  12. Honest Question
  13. Hey you lurking ass whorebag -
  14. Is Chris Hansen gonna post
  15. Heading to Oz in mid-December; Freud has offered space on his couch.
  16. Scoundrel is Vehophobic...
  17. Thank you Biggie Smalls for banning that pervert No Okie
  18. The BAN on No Okie.
  19. Forums In 2019: Do You Still Enjoy This Medium?
  20. Group Discussion
  21. So I’m sitting here getting a pedicure
  22. Oak's People: Septic Tanks
  23. Look at this map.
  24. Give Flynn a 72 hour ban
  25. Flynn has cried so long and so hard......
  26. How about giving Freud a lifetime ban...
  27. Finally went to visit the "new" Bastard Factory this morning...
  28. Any dipshits playing with the neg repping -
  29. This faggot over at TRF
  30. Monday Monkey Madness
  31. TWAP on his way out the unemployment office
  32. The Spectrum of Sexuality
  33. Poofer’s exposing folks
  35. Who is “badder” than me ?
  36. FTR - Please read
  37. I’m going to use Dovey as bait...
  38. If Twap joins...
  39. Freud is a cheating bastard
  40. I’m in one of those moods -
  41. Lotus Dear
  42. Welcome Back
  43. Callout: RancidMilko & Aryan 88
  44. Are we then Grinderz?
  45. What I love about Flamers/Trolls
  46. Yo, Aryan!
  47. Beta SG Poker Tournament
  48. Aryan's toothlessness explained
  49. F'Lamers vs. Flamers: Is There a Difference?
  50. God! You fucks are pathetic!
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