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Re: English accents
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No need to share your fantasies with me. Last pic I saw of elba, he looked like he needed hair dye. I dont find black people attractive.

Objectively speaking, some of the mixed up black ones are ok. I've never seen a single black woman that looks as hot as a white woman. Some brown women are hot but too many have bad tempers and a penchant for wildly irrational behavior. Chinese women arent attractive at all IMO. Some Japs are pretty. Red heads with freckles, dont like em! Irish women are like the mexican ones but with more tears and less murder although its pretty much the same cause the tears will cause them to drive off the cliff with you in the car. Fukin batshit crazy. Italian women, well, I already divorced one of those crazy bitches. My preference is Western Europe minus ireland and italy. Some of those Finnish gals have slanty eyes. No thanks!

Jesus.  Just admit it.  You prefer men.
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Re: English accents
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Jesus.  Just admit it.  You prefer men.

Nope. I cant imagine why some degenerate would want to shove his crank in a nasty shitter. Clearly, those dudes need to die.