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Author Topic: Poofer and Dovey  (Read 8877 times)

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Re: Poofer and Dovey
« Reply #420 on: August 07, 2020, 05:59:01 AM »

Umm have you noticed how boring it is here now? Bring back the entertainment

Poofer's version of entertainment of late has been to publicly melt over his one night stand with Dovey (embarassing) Airclaim interwebz supremecy over a victory he had handed to him by Pickles when the other team no showed 10 years ago and state (falsely again) that he could re-invigorate Flametowne via the medium of podcasts.

Don't get me wrong. I, like others used to enjoy reading Poofers posts and have laughed like a drain on more than one occasion at his futile antics. Problem being, Poofer's actions are now the problem and not the solution. The people left who are veterans at this game have flamed the same people with the same rhetoric for over a decade and it can be hard to stay fresh. The only answers are either totally new blood (which I've suggested many ways to get) or playing out at other forums and laughing about the consequences here. In the couple of years I've been here I've offered many times to do either or but I can't do it by myself and absolutely nobody has backed me up due to torpa and laziness.

Still the King but the castle is getting smaller.


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Re: Poofer and Dovey
« Reply #421 on: August 08, 2020, 06:10:39 PM »
Wait.  Did Puffyface marry the fiance he speaks of in this thread?

Kay.  Tchau tchau, pessoas.
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